Sweet Tooth Spotlight – Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Desserts

In my quest to live a healthier life, I gave up many foods that I loved and became a vegetarian. It’s been smooth sailing for the most part. Except that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. So how do I satiate my sugar cravings while still sticking to my diet?

Two words: Arctic Zero.

(Photo credit: Arctic Zero Instagram)

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Oil Pulling Explained

What in the Hades is oil pulling? I asked this very question a few months back. I stumbled across a post online (don’t ask me where, I have no recollection) and it sparked my curiosity. Now I can’t imagine NOT pulling every day. I won’t call it life changing but it has had a very positive impact on my daily life.

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Recipe of the Month – Homemade Trail Mix

Raise your hand if you are like me and spend your life snacking rather than eating real meals. When you snack, sometimes being healthy goes out the window.

Most of the time however, healthy snacking is easy as pie. Or in this case, trail mix.


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