DIY – Fly Shoes

Happy new year everyone! It’s been too long, I miss you! While I’ve been dealing with some health issues, I’ve had some free time for fun baking and craft projects. (Idle hands and all that). This week, I spent my time jazzing up a pair of plain, white sneakers. This project was super easy and super fun.

I have to credit my bestie, Becca. She had the inspired idea of making them like the shoes of Greek messenger God, Hermes. (Thanks friend)!

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DIY – Spring Inspired Jewelry

I love DIY blogging because it gives me an excuse to be crafty. This particular DIY was extra fun because I love making jewelry. It’s my fave and so easy too!

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Outfit of the Day: Happy Easter

Happy Easter (spring, Passover, Sunday, insert your celebration here) everyone!

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