Product Review – Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer

When you can’t get rid of the dark circles, try hiding them. This was my plan anyway when I went shopping for a new concealer.

Since switching to cruelty free makeup, I’ve been having fun refreshing my collection. From eye shadows to lip stains, I’ve been slowly replacing it all.

This concealer comes from Tarte, and so far, it’s concealing like a charm.


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The 4 Essential Makeup Products

Makeup¬†companies really know how to get you. The shiny packaging, colorful arrays, and sparkling signage just scream, “take my money!” While I can definitely be drawn in by the beauty of the makeup counters,¬†I really don’t need or ever use all of it.


There are only 4 makeup products that I will never go without. Like, never, EVER.

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