New Year’s Resolutions Are Bull$h!t (Sort of)

And here’s why. By the end of February, the resolution has been forgotten and you’ve just finished the 3rd box of chocolates that you bought half price for yourself on February 15th. (That post comes later).

The definition of resolution is the firm decision to do or not to do something. The definition of a goal is the desired result of a person’s effort or aim.

(Photo credit: Bill Watterson, Pinterest)

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Living That Cruelty Free Life

I love food. I love make up. I love fashion. And I love animals. So how can I live a fabulous yet fur free life? It’s much easier than I initially thought.

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Seven Days of Celebration (and Cake)

New clothes, best friends and a ton of cake? What more could a birthday girl ask for?


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Designer Spotlight – Mieroglyphs

Mieroglyphs: noun; (my-ro-glyphs)

“Every miero is your personal hieroglyph. It’s My-roglyph.”

Why am I giving you a vocab lesson? Because I can. And also, because Mieroglyphs just happens to be the name of the fantastic company I’m featuring for my first ever designer spotlight!

eye logo

(Photo cred: Mieroglyphs – logo).

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