About Me


I like long, romantic walks and deep meaningful…oh crap, wrong profile. ANYWAY, I hope you like my blog and my shop and thank you for checking out my site!

I have hit the reset button on this blog. All the old posts are gone and I am starting from scratch. I was initially only writing about fashion and I just wasn’t finding as much inspiration as I thought I would.

I really want to turn this blog into my favorite things. Each month, I’ll post a recipe I’ve tried, spotlight a favorite trend, product, or service, and share my latest workout craze with you all.

I love fashion, but I also love food and fitness too. I want to share my style and parts of my life with my readers. Hopefully, I’ll keep you informed and entertained.

When I’m not writing, I make jewelry, hair accessories and occasionally paint. I sell some of my designs on my Etsy shop, JustaGirlinaShop.

I also love animals and you may notice my Instagram feed to the side there is FULL of my dog and food. Seriously, I love both. Almost equally. I’ll let you decide which one I love more…