My Back to School Essentials

Tomorrow is the first day of school for so many people, myself included. It’s crunch time folks, so I am getting my supplies ready for a stellar semester!

Being a teacher means that Target and Staples are my 2 favorite stores on the planet. Seriously, I spent 45 minutes in Staples today just wandering the aisles and looking at markers. (Nerd alert).

Pens, and journals and Post-its, OH MY!

The first item on my list is a planner. All of the students have one to keep track of homework and tests and deadlines, so the adults should really have one too! (Role model material right here).

Thanks to 2 of my favorite humans, I was gifted this lovely planner journal from Papercode. This beautiful leather organizer has a full year’s worth of space and even room for daily affirmations and weekly and monthly goals. And stickers. Yes, it comes with stickers! (They know me so well)!

The next essential items are notebooks and pens. Since I don’t have to take quite as many notes as the students do, I like these little pocket notebooks and of course, my trusty gel pens by Yoobi. I found all of these awesome supplies at Target.

When you work with tweenagers, having the most colorful, coolest stuff is practically required. Which is why I love these pencils and post-its from Staples. (Ms. Walker knows what’s up y’all).


Now that we’ve replenished our supply list, my next must have is a well balanced meal! I found this lunchbag at Homegoods for $12. It is amazing. It holds a ton and has built in ice packs to keep my lunch and snacks cool all day.

Staying hydrated is key, which is why I’m obsessed with DrinkMaple. I’ve mentioned it before and will keep singing it’s praises until…well forever.

Also, for a little afternoon pick me up, I highly recommend Taza Chocolate. Organic, ethical, local (to me at least) and freaking delicious! You can find it at Whole Foods Market or online.


Ok, I’ve saved the best for last. First Day of School Outfit!! 

If you buy nothing else, you should treat yourself to at least one new look for back to school. New clothes (or new to you) give a person the feeling of a fresh start for a new school year. It’s a great feeling, I promise.

I found this amazing Cynthia Rowley dress (one of my fashion faves) at the local thrift store, Savers. It’s perfect as we head into fall and back to the classroom! It’s not too revealing, it’s a fantastic color and it has pockets. I love functional fashion.

The boots were already part of my collection – they are by Sam Edelman and I bought them at Marshalls.


Ok, so now I am ready for a new year and new students and I am super excited! Let me know in the comments below, what are some of your must haves? Are you as ready for the first day back as I am?! Best wishes to all my fellow teachers and students out there!

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