My Top 5 Summer Must Haves

Summer is in full swing and things are just heating up. I thought I’d put together a little list of my fun in the sun essentials!

On these sultry, summer days, it’s important to be prepared. This is why sunblock is the first must have item on my list.

As a ginger, unless it’s SPF 1000, I become the girl on literal fire. I’m a big fan of Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray in 70 SPF. Of course, don’t forget to reapply every couple of hours (or more frequently if you sweat or go swimming).

And bonus item: SPF lip balm. Just as necessary as spray on sunblock. I’m loving Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm from Sephora.

Continuous Spray High Spf 

Almost as important as sunscreen is a great summer book. Reading while sitting poolside is practically required. I am in the middle of reading Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. This a really sweet and clever story about love, the bond between mother and daughter and really living life to the fullest degree.

(Photo credit:

It’s not all beach parties and BBQs this summer. Working out is a big part of my summer routine. Finding that perfect soundtrack for my runs is easy with the RockMyRun app. There is a free version and a paid version, but both have plenty of playlists to choose from. You can search artist, song, genre or beats per minute (BPM). Whether you’re looking for a slower paced mix or a high intensity playlist, it’s available. The continuous play is great for cardio workouts and keeps me motivated throughout.

The second it gets warm out, I switch from sneakers to sandals. My absolute favorites are Havaianas. Made in Brazil,  these flip flops are like walking on clouds. Not to mention, they last forever. I’ve had the same 3 pairs for like 5 years now. (Part of me wishes they didn’t last as long, so that I’d have an excuse to buy more)! I just bought this pair in a size 39/40 (or 9/10).

Last but certainly not least, it’s very important to stay hydrated in the sun, so why not drink something delicious? Maple Water. You may remember this from last week’s 4th of July post. I will never tire of talking about this sweet bottled nectar.

Ok, all kidding aside, I’ve been drinking Maple Water for a few months after every workout and I really do love it. I mean I drink about a gallon of regular water a day, but sometimes I like to mix it up with a little flavor. Maple water has all the same nutrients of a post workout drink minus all the sugar. If you don’t like the flavor of maple, then try the melon. Both are delicious and both will keep you hydrated and healthy all summer long.

So there you have it. My list for the Essential Summer Fun Pack. What would your summer list look like? Be sure to stay cool out there and have a great summer everyone!

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