I Tried Natural Deodorants and Well…It Stank

Over the last 6 months, I have been trying to slowly weed out all the bad chemicals and stick with all natural. It’s not as easy as one would think. Take for instance, my experiment with all natural deodorants.

Those with a keen sense of smell, you have been warned.

First, let me say that all three brands I mention are probably just fine for daily use, everyday life. However, I work out 5, sometimes 6 days a week and I need a deodorant that can keep up.

I started with the brand that everyone, even non-all naturals know:


I like Tom’s. I have heard good things. I’ve used their toothpaste before and my teeth are still all right there in my mouth. Also, Tom’s is the only all natural brand sold in my local Target, so there was that.

The only scent they had was Lavender or unscented in the long lasting formula. Those were my options. I went with lavender.

After 2 days, I couldn’t really stand the smell of it any longer. All I could smell all day long was lavender. Which normally isn’t a terrible thing, but this was too much, too often. I was applying the deodorant as instructed, so I know it wasn’t me. It was Tom and his powerful lavender.

Also, I took a HIIT workout class the 2nd day in with Tom’s. I smelled like something had died (in a field of lavender) after class. Not good. This so called long lasting deodorant was not up to par.

My second try was with Primal Pit Paste.

My yoga instructor friend recommended this brand to me. It comes in stick or actual paste form. I couldn’t bring myself to try the paste, so I stuck with the stick. This time, I opted for Unscented because Whole Foods also only had 2 options. Unscented or Lavender and welp, after the last time…

This one I used for about a week before I developed a really bad rash. My pits were itchy and chaffed and I couldn’t figure out why. Until I googled it and found out that baking soda is the devil.

Apparently, anyone with super sensitive skin (i.e. this girl) is prone to negative reactions from baking soda. Truth be told, even this product wasn’t quite capable of keeping me smell free after a workout. Another one bites the dust.

My final attempt at an all natural deodorant was Herban Cowboy.

This is technically a men’s deodorant but as I explained to the very helpful guy at the Natural Food Exchange in Reading, I needed something strong and sans baking soda.

Out of the three natural deodorants, this one has been the best. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much though. I still have to reapply before heading out for my evening exercise. I shouldn’t have to apply deodorant twice a day.

On the plus side however, this brand smells nice and isn’t sticky like Tom’s. It goes on pretty smoothly and dries faster than the other two options. If I had to choose a stick for just everyday, non sweat use, I would totally choose Herban Cowboy.

Overall, I really wanted to like the alternative, all natural deodorants. Unfortunately, I am just super active and none of the options I found really kept me stink free. After all the research I did for this, I was kind of bummed. While I am sure all three brands work wonders for many people, they are just not for me.

I will be sticking with my go to Degree Motion Sense. I love the scents, I love that it goes on clear and dries almost instantly, but mostly I love that even after a long run or an intense workout, I still smell like a basket of clean laundry.

If anyone has any suggestions for a long lasting, sweat proof, vegan deodorant, please let me know. I’d like to think there is still hope.

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