DIY – Spring Inspired Jewelry

I love DIY blogging because it gives me an excuse to be crafty. This particular DIY was extra fun because I love making jewelry. It’s my fave and so easy too!

This is actually a 2 in 1 DIY. I was in my second home the other day, a.k.a. Michael’s and found the best floral pendants. Coral and white gold, SO PRETTY!

Your local craft store should sell all the pieces and tools you need, but if not, Michael’s now sells online! The first piece of jewelry I made was the ring.


I started with a gold one size fits all ring base. Then I took some pink nail polish and painted just the top. I let that dry and then began gluing things.

The best glue on the planet is this stuff:

I’m pretty sure this stuff holds the universe together. You can find it, where else? Michael’s! (Or Target, AC Moore, pretty much anywhere).

I’ve had these pink, plastic leaf beads for Lord knows how long, so I decided to finally make use of them. (PS, feel free to use whatever charm in whatever color you’d like. This DIY is more of a guideline).

Just use a tiny dab of glue underneath each leaf (or embellishment of your choosing).

Let that dry for about 10-15 minutes.

Next step, add the flower.

Again, just a dab of glue. Put the ring aside and let it dry for about 24 hours. That will really set the glue and you’ll be golden.

Next up, earrings!

Okay, so the earrings are wicked easy to make but you will need a couple more tools. You’ll need a set of pliers as well, if you have 2 sets, even better. Also, jump rings and earring hooks.

Using the pliers, bend open a jump ring, but just enough to slip it through the hole of the pendant. (Bending it too much will weaken the metal).

Next, slip the hook onto the jump ring.

Once you’ve got it through, gently bend the jump ring back closed and use just a tiny dab of glue to seal the deal.

Set that aside and do the next one. Then set both aside for about 24 hours.

That’s it. You’re done.

Wear your new jewelry with pride! Happy spring everyone!

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