Outfit of the Day: Happy Easter

Happy Easter (spring, Passover, Sunday, insert your celebration here) everyone!

Today’s post is another quick one since I’ll be with family most of the day.

I just wanted to share my outfit of the day.

I always try to look nice for Easter Sunday service and brunch with the family, so I opted for one of my favorite outfits. This hi-lo dress came from the thrift store, Margaret’s Place, but it was originally a Marshall’s purchase because it still had the tags on it when I bought it.

It’s such a versatile, spring dress. I can wear it to work, I’ve worn it to church and music festivals, I love this dress.

The sandals were also a thrift store purchase and the sunglasses were all me…

(well me, Michael’s and Target)

I kept the makeup really natural with just lip stain, illuminating cream and mascara.

For the holiday, I also added a touch of floral.

The flower is actually a pin that I just bobby-pinned into my bun. Thanks to my mom who actually got me the flower in the first place.

I felt really pretty. My hair was behaving, my makeup worked out, it was just a great outfit day. Ever have one of those days? You, know the days where you just feel pretty?

Photo credit goes to David Walker Photography

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