I Tried a No Sugar Challenge and It Didn’t Kill Me

Back in March I saw this post on Facebook (which I can’t find now of course) that stated it takes 25 days to beat a sugar addiction. Well, I’m never one to shy away from a challenge, so on March 10th, I began my sugar free journey.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. Before starting any cleanse or diet, talk to your doctor and do your own research.

I know for a fact that I have a sugar addiction. A pint of ice cream or a bag of Hershey kisses doesn’t stand a chance against me and my emotional eating. The idea of giving up my insane sweet tooth was both exciting and terrifying.

My goal was to cut out foods with added sugar, so things like cookies, enriched grains, frozen yogurt, candy, sugary cereals or snack bars, sweeteners, sugary drinks, alcohol (nooooo), etc. BUH BYE!

I wanted to be healthier, but more importantly, I wanted to see if I could live without burying my feelings in sweets.

I wasn’t about to cut out all sugar because that would be near impossible. As a vegetarian, I eat A LOT of fruit. However, anything with added sugar had to go.

So fast forward to present day.

Today is day 24 and I am feeling pretty awesome.

The first 5 days though were the worst. There was temptation everywhere! I work in a school, so sugar surrounds me. I was also waking up with a mild headache everyday and felt tired and achy.

My kill me now face.

Things started getting better in week 2. The headaches were gone and I wasn’t craving anything nearly as much. It was becoming easier to reach for an apple or some crackers rather than a Musketeers Bar or some froyo.

The first thing I did was add more water. I already drink about 60 ounces a day, but I upped my hydration game to about 85-90 ounces a day.

I also added an extra day of working out to my week, so I now am up to 5 days a week of medium to high intensity exercise. I love having more energy and I am sleeping a tiny bit better at night.

My real issue was finding alternative snacks to replace my sugar intake. Eating fruits was a more natural way to have sweets: blueberries, mangoes, strawberries, grapes. These were my favorites. I also added a little more to my portions to compensate for caloric intake.

In trying to write this blog, I googled sugar cleanse and no sugar challenge which yielded an overwhelming number of results. I weeded through the spam and picked my two faves. These 2 seemed the most legit of what I read:

The Fed-Up Challenge

(this is only a 10 day challenge, so it’s a great baby step challenge)

How to Do a Sugar Detox (Without Going Crazy)

(This is a bit of a long read, but it has some great info and it emphasizes making sustainable life changes rather than just fad dieting).


Ok, so final thoughts… tomorrow is technically the last day of my challenge, but I’ve decided to keep going. I’m confident I can make it until Easter. My mom is making mini red velvet cupcakes and well, duh.

My goal has changed a little too. I don’t want to cut sugar out of my life completely. I like desserts. I want to be able to go out with friends and have a glass of wine or enjoy some dark chocolate occasionally. My new goal is to make sure that the sugar I do consume is quality stuff, no more of that artificial, cheap, chemically processed crap.

Yes please!!

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge and now I challenge you. Just make sure you do what’s right for you and your health. What works for me may not work for you.

Have fun and let me know how it goes!

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