Fashion Meet Fitness

Why do athletic clothing designers think that the only 2 colors plus sized women wear are black or grey? YAWN!!!
Just because I’m thick doesn’t mean I’m boring. I am always on the lookout for colorful, durable workout wear and since I’ve increased my activity, I’ve also had to increase my fitness wardrobe.

So off to the mall I went…

As you can see, I’m not afraid of color.

I do have a couple of decent pieces, including the world’s best sports bra by Moving Comfort. Seriously, this bra is GOLD.

The capris are by New Balance (I love them but they are wearing out. Too many Pound® classes I’m sure).

The sports bra is from Moving Comfort by Brooks. Their bras run in actual band/cup sizes from 30A-44G, so you’ll have no problem finding your size. All the bras have names – I’m wearing the Juno. The adjustable, supportive straps and the reinforced hook/eye clasp in the back make sure my tatas stay put.

Ok, so before I went shopping I did a little Googling… Disclaimer: I hate online clothes shopping, especially if I’m not familiar with the brand. I like being able to try things on, feel the material and talk to real human beings right away if I have questions.

According to Google, Livi Active by Lane Bryant was one of the best for plus size women. I checked out the website and wasn’t blown away, but I figured I’d give it a try. Remember, I’m looking for great fit AND color.

These capris were really cute. I liked the detail at the knee and the navy color, but at $45, they weren’t worth it for me.

The detail and the price on this top were both great, but why black? Can’t I wear hot pink or sea green or something other than black???

So I left Lane Bryant and headed to the next store on the best fit list, Old Navy.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been the biggest Old Navy fan. The few things I’ve owned from them have always fallen apart too soon or have stretched out or shrunk after the first wash. However, I was determined to keep an open mind.

OMGosh! So much color. Old Navy definitely met the color requirements. Lime greens, lavenders, cobalt blues. I was in color heaven. I tried on a lot of things, but I ended up buying the above blue, floral combo. I really liked the fit of the leggings and the wider straps on the tank. I’ll keep you posted on the wear and tear.

My last stop was Torrid. Lots of people have raved about Torrid. I’ve never actually set foot into one. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many brick and mortar stores near me. The website had some promising pieces though, so I remained optimistic.

This tiny rack was literally all they had in store. The orange bra was the only real color on the rack. I had hoped to at least try things on for sizing but nope. Nada. So sad.

I popped my head into TJ Maxx too, but by this point, I was tired and ready to be done, so I didn’t spend a lot of time there. It wasn’t the most fruitful day, but I didn’t walk away empty handed nor completely broke. (Thanks Old Navy). I’m super excited to get my sweat on in my new threads. I promise to take pics!

I’d love to hear your go to fitness brands. Let me know in the comments below!

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