Shameless Self Promotion-New Items in My Etsy Shop

Painting is a new hobby for me, but DIY crafts and jewelry making have always been a passion of mine. Last year, I started selling pieces on Etsy. For me, this is just a great way to share my work with others and continue to have a creative outlet.

I recently added some new pieces, so I figured it was high time to talk myself and my shop up a little bit.

All of my designs, at least in part, are created using recycled material. Being able to take something broken or not conventionally pretty and turn it into something beautiful is a priority for me. I’m also an environmentalist, so I love repurposing materials.

One of my first pieces was this pair of earrings.

I had an old computer keyboard that I pried the keys off of. Then I drilled small holes into them and created the earrings. I wrapped my own wire findings to attach the beads and the hooks. These drop earrings make a statement. They are unconventional but elegant and in my oh so humble opinion, are gorgeous.

I also try to create pieces that can do some good for the world. A couple of my designs are dedicated to my favorite non profits. All of the profits from the artwork will be donated to those charities.

This is the newest charitable giving piece. Made from a vintage t-shirt and attached to an 8×10 canvas, this design is one of my favorites.

In short, The Harry Potter Alliance is an amazing non profit fighting social injustice and working to “imagine better” for future generations. Find out more information about and ways you can help the Harry Potter Alliance here.

The last piece I want to share is an original painting I did.

This particular painting was a labour of love. I repainted it about a thousand times before I was satisfied with this final design.

I used these really thin, metallic pens and my hand kept shaking, so my lines were a nightmare for someone with OCD (a.k.a. this girl). Despite the struggle, I am really proud of the final piece.

There are more items listed on my Etsy shop so go have a look and feel free to share or favorite any of the pieces. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact me on Etsy. Oh and thank you for letting me shamelessly promote myself!

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