Fashion Finds for the Week

This week while on staycation, I did a bit of spring cleaning. I went through every drawer, basket and closet rack to weed out the wardrobe. Then I went shopping. I made out like a bandit, y’all!


The first day of shopping, I went with my mom to 2 stores – Nordstrom Rack and Savers, the local second hand shop.

I like Nordstrom Rack because of the variety and prices. However, I wasn’t having much luck on this day. Even though there were plenty of plus sized options, everything seemed shapeless and uninspired. Feeling discouraged, I decided to head over to the shoe department to cheer myself up.

I had much better luck there. Immediately, I found 7 pairs of shoes that I simply had to try on. Needless to say, I restrained myself and only bought 1 pair.


Chuck Taylor All Star Peached Shoreline Low Top Slip-On Sneaker

They were originally $49.98, but marked down to $39.98. I got them for $22.80. SCORE!

Our next stop was to Savers. Savers is very similar to a Salvation Army thrift store. They have many stores throughout New England. There are rows and rows of clothes to search through. Sometimes it can feel a bit daunting, but if you’re willing to spend some time looking, you can find great pieces.

I was in search of blouses, which naturally, means I didn’t find a single one. I did however, find three great skirts and a new winter peacoat. Not only were all three skirts less than $8, but Savers was having a huge 2 day 50% off sale. All three skirts and the coat came to a grand total of $17!

(Excuse me as I break into a happy dance).

The first skirt is a great, plaid, knee length skirt. I have a partly Scottish ancestry, so any time I see tartan, I get excited. This is a lovely, versatile skirt that I can wear with many tops and for many occasions.

This next skirt was a full skirt that went all the way to the ankles. It was way too small for me, but because there was so much fabric, my incredibly talented mom is turning it into a knee length skirt that will actually fit me. I was just so drawn to that beautiful iridescent material. (Thanks mom)!

The coat is a great Kenneth Cole Reaction coat. It’s still winter here in New England, so this is perfect to get me through the next month.

This yellow skirt was probably my favorite purchase of the day. It’s full length (on me anyway) and it’s flowy and colorful and I think I’m in love!


The next day, I only went to one place. Beverly Bootstraps is a great non profit organization that helps those in need throughout the community. They also run a decent thrift store that sells everything from clothing to books to home goods and furniture. I went in with the purpose of finding tops and I wasn’t disappointed.

All three shirts cost me a mere $12. The purple top is New York and Co. I love the color and the stretch as well as the rouging in the front.

The next top is a no name, but it’s such a cute, summery top and this is the first shirt I’ve own that has an adorable little cutout in the back. It looks nice with the yellow skirt.

The last blouse is Cynthia Rowley. She is one of my favorite designers because she knows how to design for women of all shapes and sizes. Half my wardrobe is hers.

The third and final day of shopping was with my friend, Chelsea. (You may remember her from last week’s post about the beauty scrub). She and I met up at Marshall’s, where I had a gift card. She and I both scored big time!

I found a fabulous new pair of Sam Edelman black booties. They were so cute and so comfortable, I couldn’t resist, even at $59.


I also found another blouse that while sheer, with the right cami, would be perfect for work or an evening out. I loved the colors and that the back is a little longer than the front. The total at Marshall’s was $75, but with my gift card, I only spent $48.


This week was a very successful and stylish week. I am really proud of my bargain hunting skills and my new spring/summer wardrobe is going to have me looking so GOOD! My grand total for all three days came to $99. For everything I got, I think I did pretty darn awesome.

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