Beauty Product Review – BeautyCounter Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub

Recently I discovered a new beauty company, BeautyCounter and got to try their incredible products. I think I’m in love.


(Photo credit: BeautyCounter Facebook)

BeautyCounter products can be purchased 3 ways – online, special pop up events and through a consultant. I found out about this company through the consultants, BeautyCounter by the Swedes.

A friend and I attended a Health and Wellness event where Therese and Caroline were giving beauty demos and mini facials. (Thank you ps)! The company is cruelty free and almost completely natural.

(We are wearing the Purifying Charcoal Mix. Try it, I dare you).

According to the main BeautyCounter website mission statement:

“At Beautycounter, we’re committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law: We’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through our “Never List”—all while ensuring our products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any other luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil in the market. IT’S NOT EASY WORK, BUT IT’S WELL WORTH IT. This is about progress—not perfection. Because every little bit counts.”

Ok, so while I was at the event, I saw the Sugar Body Scrub. I love body scrubs because in the winter, my skin becomes my mortal enemy. Which is why I knew I had to try BeautyCounter’s Lemongrass, sugar scrub.


(Photo credit: BeautyCounter website)

I was planning on buying it (and will in the future) but I got lucky and actually won the giveaway being offered by the consultants. Best. Prize. Ever.

So, what makes this body scrub better the all the rest?

For one, it smells like springtime. If you don’t like the smell of lemon, you won’t like this. However, if you are like me and love a citrus scent, you’ll love this.

Also, it’s coarser than most other exfoliants. At first, I thought the harsher scrub would irritate my sensitive skin, but it doesn’t. Because of the coarseness, I use less than I normally would (not that you use that much anyway) and my skin feels brand new.

Honestly, I don’t have any complaints about this body scrub. Just don’t use it everyday because it is a stronger exfoliant than most products on the market.

The recyclable plastic jar even comes with little plastic spatula so that you don’t use too much. I only use this about once a week and it’s perfect. Seriously, my skin feels so soft and I’m basically glowing.


Radiant af.

See for yourself. BeautyCounter offers skin care, makeup along with bath/body products.

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