Product Review – Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer

When you can’t get rid of the dark circles, try hiding them. This was my plan anyway when I went shopping for a new concealer.

Since switching to cruelty free makeup, I’ve been having fun refreshing my collection. From eye shadows to lip stains, I’ve been slowly replacing it all.

This concealer comes from Tarte, and so far, it’s concealing like a charm.


In my search for a new concealer, I was looking for 3 things specifically:

– Lightweight

– Color Matching

– Easy to blend

Oh and it had to be cruelty free. After doing a little research, I found that Tarte was a good brand and according to Peta, they are owned by Kose and not tested on animals.

Over the holidays, I received a gift card to Macy’s. Now I don’t normally shop there, but I found out that they recently started selling organic and vegan beauty products. Tarte is one of the brands they sell. So, I headed out to see what they had for concealers.

Their latest section of all natural makeups is part of their Impulse Beauty Brands. It includes brands like Bare Essentials, Urban Decay and Two Faced. This is where I found the Tarte Amazonian Clay Concealer. What a great name. It’s half the reason I bought it.


I bought this in the fair-light shade. It had the hint of pink that my skin has. The concealer is available in 10 different shades from fair to rich honey for $23.

Ok, so how well does it work?


– matches skin tone perfectly

– lightweight

– hides my insomnia circles

I’ve been using this for about 4 days and so far so good.

Here’s my before, after concealer and with full makeup.

Before concealer and makeup
After concealer
After full makeup


– doesn’t blend well with a sponge

(I find using my ring finger or pinky works better. It’s not ideal, but not a deal breaker).

– a little more money than I am used to spending

(This is also not a deal breaker. I don’t wear makeup everyday and I don’t use that much concealer to begin with, so this tube will probably last me awhile. Although, I may see if Ulta carries it since then I can earn points with every purchase).

Final Review:

Despite the slightly higher price tag, this concealer is worth it. It hits most of my requirements and I really like how well it hides my dark circles. I definitely recommend this concealer for anyone in the market.

Which concealers have you tried? Any brands that you love as much as I’m loving Tarte? Let me know in the comments!

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