A Tailor, A Cobbler, and a Girl on a Budget

All three walk into a bar…KIDDING!

No but seriously, there are 2 people every fashionista should have in their lives. When your heart screams Dior but your wallet says Don’t, a tailor and a shoe cobbler may just be your fairy godmothers…

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(Photo credit: Phillip Light via Pinterest)

Recently, I needed to have a sheer skirt altered. I originally bought it for $10 at a thrift store. It’s probably one of the most worn, most loved skirts in my wardrobe.

This is the original skirt.


And here is the newly altered skirt.


As you may be able to see, the sateen layer underneath was shortened and the material was doubled over so it wouldn’t be see through. The alteration cost a mere $20 and now I never have to wear a slip under it again.

The tailor for no additional charge also cleaned up the edges around the bottom where it was starting to fray. Thank you Mr. Joseph’s Tailor Shop!

Tailors are great because they can fix the straps of dresses and gowns, hem pants and jeans, tailor suits and jackets and much more. If you are concerned about pricing, it never hurts to ask before the work is done. Honestly though, I’ve never paid more than about $30-$40 for tailoring work.

Image result for tailor

The other miracle worker you need in your life is a great shoe cobbler. If you are like me, shoes are a slight obsession. (A.k.a. a huge obsession).

I can’t tell you how many heels I’ve had replaced, inserts I’ve had fixed and leather boots I’ve had retreated and stitched.

These are my go to black pumps. I wear them all the time. They are Tahari and I got them from DSW for $54. (Sorry boys, but I’m in love).

For $10, I get the heel tips fixed maybe once a year, depending on wear and tear.

Below, you can see the left heel tip has fallen off. When repaired they look like the right. Good as new.


I brag about my cobbler, Instant Shoe Repair, so much that my mom actually gives me her shoes too. (She lives 30 minutes away, so you know it’s good).

Not only did he fix her heels, but he added grommets to the blue sandals so that the back straps would stop slipping. That job was only $15. Added bonus, the cobbler is seriously the nicest human being I’ve met. He is fast and friendly and I highly recommend him.

(No, I’m not getting paid for this).

Actually, many cobblers can fix other items too. My guy was able to fix the strap on a beautiful leather purse I bought as well.

So if you don’t have a cobbler or a tailor on speed dial, I urge you to add these people to your list. Unless you know how to hem your own pants (and if you do, call me), then having a cobbler and a tailor in your back pocket (pun totally intended), is a must.

Am I missing anything ladies? Who are your go to repair gods? Have you ever had great experiences with these services? Any bad ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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