Recipe of the Month – Homemade Trail Mix

Raise your hand if you are like me and spend your life snacking rather than eating real meals. When you snack, sometimes being healthy goes out the window.

Most of the time however, healthy snacking is easy as pie. Or in this case, trail mix.


This trail mix recipe is so easy I feel like I can’t even really call it a recipe. I will because I can’t think of another name, but seriously, it is so easy.

Ok, if you are a snacker and are also trying to live a healthier life, then making your own trail mix is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Sure, you can buy trail mix in the store, but how often do you find a mix that has EVERYTIHNG you like in it? And how much money do you spend buying this slightly imperfect trail mix?

I gave up a long time ago on buying pre-made mix because I am poor and didn’t want to spend $6-$8 on a bag of nuts that I was only going to eat half of. In the last year or so is when I started making my own mix at a much lower cost.


The ingredients above are my personal faves but they are easy to replace with flavors you love. I also change it up from time to time. Anyway, I spent $16 and some change at my local grocery store on the raw nuts and M&Ms. Then I spent another $6 at Trader Joe’s buying the mixed berries and organic dried bananas.

$22 may seem like a lot to spend on trail nuts and fruit, but let me tell you – these ingredients make about 4 pounds worth of trail mix. I’ll have a go to snack for the next 2 months at least.

So, first step – Choose your ingredients.

As I said, the flavors you choose are up to you (and what’s available in stores near you).

I went with my absolute favorites:

-dried bananas

-dried berry and raisin mix

– raw almonds

– raw cashews

– raw macadamia nuts

– M&M’s (these are good for the soul)

When it comes to nuts, I try to find raw because they haven’t been over processed and there is no added salt or sugar. Try your local supermarket first because you may be surprised by what’s available. The Market Basket near me has a decent selection of organic foods. But when in doubt, Trader Joe’s is a great place to find healthy, organic alternatives at reasonable prices.

Next Step – Mix It All Up

I like to start with the bigger ingredients like the dried bananas and then the nuts. I mix these foods together before adding the softer, smaller ingredients like the berries. I find it’s easier to mix that way.


Then I add the berries and the M&M’s and mix it all together.


I had originally bought 2 packages of berries and raisins but I only ended up using one. I may add the 2nd package later on or use it in a salad or yogurt.

Step Three – Storing Your Trail Mix

As you can see from the photos, I made my trail mix in a giant mixing bowl. Well, the great thing about this bowl is that it has a lid!

20160925_131830 20160925_131848

Sometimes, I enjoy my trail mix at home, but usually I like to bring some to work with me because as we’ve discussed, I graze. All day, every day. For work, I found these great little containers.


And then you’re done. This should not take you longer than about 5 minutes to make. Including pausing to eat a handful or two while making it.

Healthy, delicious and no cooking involved. Best. Recipe. Ever.


What would you add to your trail mix? Let me know in the comments below! 

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