Splurge Vs Save

You know that feeling you get on payday where suddenly you feel like the 1% and you have money to burn? But then 4 days later, after bills have been paid and you’ve had one or two real meals, you’re back to being broke again?


Well what if I told you there was a way to look like a million bucks even when you have less than 10 dollars in your wallet?

Where there’s a will…

Recently, I did a little shopping and I got some great new clothes for less than what I spend on groceries each month.

The first step is you have to be willing to shop thrift stores and bargain basements. Secondhand shops can be a treasure trove of great clothes including designer brands and things with the tags still on them! Also, places like Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s and Kohl’s have great bargains if you take the time to look.

Below I’ve shown 3 outfits that can be found in stores or online for more than I’d ever be willing to pay. Then I’ve shown similar outfits that I put together for so much less.

Outfit 1: Oversized Shirt with Leggings


This shirt is from Topshop.com for $66.00. The black leggings are also Topshop.com. These were the cheapest pair I could find at $15.00. This doesn’t include shipping. Cute but I am not spending over $80 for this look.

Here’s my version: The purple polka dot shirt is 2 sizes bigger than I normally wear, which in this case is perfect because it looks great as an oversized shirt. Also, it is an Eddie Bauer shirt for $0.50 cents from Beverly Bootstraps. I win. Oh and my leggings (a gift from mom from Marshalls) are lined with fleece so bring on the cold New England weather!


The shoes I bought awhile ago from DSW, (my version of heaven). They are Franco Sarto and I bought them in yellow too for less than $45 a pair. Shoes are one thing that I would spend good money on. Quality and longevity are important when it comes to shoes.

Outfit 2: Night Out in Polka Dots and Tulle

Polka dots are not as prevalent as you’d think, but I love them so I’m always looking. What is everywhere is tulle. Tutus, skirts and dresses are poofed to the max. Not that there is a single thing wrong with that.

screenshot-2016-09-18-at-4-11-36-pm screenshot-2016-09-18-at-4-10-36-pm

The stunning skirt on the left is from Nordstrom and for the low price of $190 it can be yours (not including shipping and tax). Seeing spots? That may be from the $325 price tag on the polka dot skirt by Theory, available at IfChic.com.

Here’s my version: I’ll be honest. I hit the thrift store jackpot with this one. I went to Savers in Saugus. The skirt was $5.99 but I got 30% off because I had a coupon that I got from donating some old clothes and books last month. It pays to be charitable folks!


Again, the shoes are DSW (Kelly & Katie, the epitome of comfort and cute combined). The top came from TJMaxx for $12.99.

Ok, so for those of you who do not live near or shop thrift stores, Polyvore has some pretty spotted skirts at reasonable prices.

Outfit 3: Printed Pants

As a plus sized woman, I have NEVER found a pair of printed pants that look good on me. The big patterns and colorful florals were so not flattering. But I was determined to find a pair that I liked. First though, the overpriced prints.


I am OBSESSED with J.Crew, where these pants are from, but I won’t be shelling out $198 for these cigarette pants. However, to be fair, J.Crew does have some pretty fantastic sales and the J.Crew Factory and outlet stores are awesome.

I tried again at Macy’s and found these colorful pants by Anne Klein.


The price tag on these was better at $63.74 with a promo code (originally $99). However, that was still too steep for my blood.

My version: The first pair is from the sale rack at Target. I paid $13.98 for them and they fit like a glove. The 2nd pair is from the thrift stores and they were $4.99.


Bonus Bargain – Cardigan and Raincoat

The coat was originally $20 but it was half off. The cardigan was $7.99 and still had the tags on it. Brand new friends.


Where do you find your bargains? Are there any items you would splurge on? Let me know in the comments!


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