My Back To School Must Haves

It’s that time of year again. The kiddies are going back to class. Pumpkin Spice everything is here to bring us autumnal joy and I am cruising the aisles of Staples and Target in search of the best school supplies to get me through the semester!


I have no shame in admitting that I LOVE back to school shopping. All the sparkly folders and fancy pens, not to mention scratch and sniff erasers. (Yep, they exist); I have the hardest time deciding how to step it up each year. Over time however, I have narrowed my must have list down to just a few key items.

First Up: Pencils

Seriously, these are practically currency when you’re a teacher. Everyday, I am handing a pencil to students and 90% of the time, NEVER GETTING THEM BACK! (Where the heck do they go? I wonder if all the pencils end up in the same place as all the socks that go missing…).

I’ve learned that my pencils need to stand out because then I can identify them from across the room and also because, WHY NOT? Who doesn’t love color?


Along with pencils are the other necessary writing tools – pens and highlighters.


My 2nd Must Have – Binder Supplies

Folders, folder clips, and post it notes. Do you have any idea how much paper middle schoolers get? So much. Entire forests worth of class work, homework, quizzes, tests and note sheets. Staying organized is SO IMPORTANT! There are many things that may drive me insane one day, but paperwork will not be one of them.

Oh and sometimes, teachers have to take notes too so I picked up this fun little journal.

(I don’t really need this, but I wanted it so…)

OK, so obviously I had fun gathering supplies for my students, but there is one thing that is a MUST HAVE  for me and me alone.

#3 – First Week of School Outfits!

Looking good is just as important as coming to class prepared to learn. There were only 3 days of school my first week back, so this made planning outfits much easier.

DAY ONE: Flower Power



I loved this outfit. I was so comfortable and I felt so cute and pulled together. The shirt was my own, the pants are Target, and the earrings I made. The shoes are Sperry which are normally very comfy, but I made a rookie mistake by not breaking them in before I wore them to school. Don’t be me. Break in new shoes.

DAY TWO: Ocean Blue Hues


This outfit was a gift from the moms. She made this skirt and I got a ton of compliments on it from teachers and students. (It’s nice to know I’m still hip with the teens). All the ruffles flow when I walk so it reminds me of waves at the beach. (I wore flip flops because I was recovering from the painful shoe experience of Day 1). The necklace is vintage and my flawless makeup are the same products I talk about in my previous blog post, The 4 Essential Makeup Products.

DAY 3: Casual Friday Thursday


So since school got out on Thursday for a long Labor Day weekend, I decided to go casual but classy. I am obsessed with this mustard yellow color. As a redhead, it’s basically the only shade of yellow/orange you will ever see me in. I opted for straight leg dark wash jeans and the jacket was a great thrift store find! I liked the industrial feel of the wash rings and the thin brown stripe. I didn’t end up wearing it long because my school gets super hot and humid. The adorable hair bow came from this great shop in Portsmouth, NH – Wear House.

All the school products listed above came from either Target or Staples. Right now, they have some awesome sales on all school supplies. Maybe your office could use a little replenishment…

What are your back to school essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a safe and fun Labor Day!


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