Designer Spotlight – Mieroglyphs

Mieroglyphs: noun; (my-ro-glyphs)

“Every miero is your personal hieroglyph. It’s My-roglyph.”

Why am I giving you a vocab lesson? Because I can. And also, because Mieroglyphs just happens to be the name of the fantastic company I’m featuring for my first ever designer spotlight!

eye logo

(Photo cred: Mieroglyphs – logo).

 I am lucky enough to be collaborating with this amazing company and I just had to share with all you beautiful readers! More on that collab later… (trust me, you’ll want to stick around).

But now…Mieroglyphs.

I have been chatting with Christina, the Brand Visibility Specialist for Mieroglyphs and she patiently and professionally answered all of my questions. (Sorry, but I studied journalism. I can’t help but ask the tough questions).

Initially founded in 2012, it wasn’t until 2014 that the inspirational quotes on the inside of their bracelets came along. In addition to customizable bracelets, Mieroglyphs designs t-shirts and dog collars too! The best part about their company…?

They are an all vegan, sustainable, ethically sourced company.

Neon Tribal
(Photo cred: Mieroglyphs – neon tribal cork bracelet).

This means you can feel good as well as look good!

Founder, Tyson Auer, “wanted to create a way for he and others to carry words that would empower them and serve as a physical reminder all day.” Auer is a retired athlete who was and still is inpired and motivated daily by quotes such as “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

That quote is more than just inspiring. It’s the foundation on which Mieroglyphs operates. “What we believe, is that it’s what’s inside that counts in all of us. We all have something unique to offer and we all can accomplish whatever we put ourselves to when we believe in ourselves and be true to what makes each of us special. And, therefore, the words of motivation are engraved on the inside.” – Christine

Simple Black
(Photo cred: Mieroglyphs – Simple Black bracelet).

For Mieroglyphs, it is not only what’s on the inside that matters. It’s what the inside is made of. All of their products are made of at least 50% sustainable materials and crafted in a socially responsible way. While currently their product line is on the smaller side, what they do offer is beautiful and eco-friendly. When I asked Christina about expansion, she eloquently responded:

“Over the years, Mieroglyphs has carried new products inspired by Tyson’s creativity, but has found a core value to our brand in our bracelets featuring quotes. We do plan to expand but are currently honing some of our business model structure as we have seen significant growth in the last year and want to ensure that with that growth we are able to meet demand, and still provide ethical business practices.”

Right there folks. Quality over quantity. This makes my heart so happy.

(Photo Cred: Mieroglyphs – Wig Wag Dog Collar).

You have to admire that every one of their products is designed with ethically sourced cork leather, organic cottons and recycled materials like plastic bottles. I LOVE THIS!!

The dog collar above, ps, is the one my little Bon Bon will be getting. I haven’t received my order yet, but that’s simply because Mieroglyphs creates each custom piece as it is ordered. No mass producing. YAY! Reduce that carbon footprint people!

Of course, I had to know why Mieroglyphs chose to design dog collars as well as bracelets and t-shirts. It seemed a little random at first, but then Christina broke it down for me:

“We also launched dog collars in 2016, for the first time in the pet market, after rescuing our puppy, Jax from an amazing no-kill shelter in St. Petersburg, FL (Pet Pal) during our roadtrip.”

Screenshot 2016-08-28 at 6.32.55 AM
(Photo cred: Mieroglyphs Instagram).

So basically, in addition to being kind to our planet, Mieroglyphs is also kind to animals. And the 2016 award for Superhero Designer of the Year goes to…

No but seriously, I am so excited to be working with this company. As mentioned above, I recently became a Mieroglyph affiliate. This means that because I am (only slightly) OBSESSED with their products and their positivity, that I get to share with all of you, my fabulous readers, a sweet little treat!

Use the promo code: GIRL10 to receive 10% off any purchase from Mieroglyphs.

Every purchase comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you are creating a cleaner, kinder, more stylish world for generations to come.

(Photo Cred: Mieroglyphs Instagram).

Be sure to follow the Mieroglyphs journey on:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their blog!

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