Oh Hey There…

Welcome to the revamped blog. All the old posts are gone. This is the new Girl in a Shop. And this bloggess is better than ever!


New logo, new shop, new me!

No but seriously, I am starting from scratch. I was all over the place with the last blog and my posts. I lost my focus and my motivation. There are certain topics that I really want to hone in on and be able to discuss with my fellow readers and bloggers.

Like food. Who doesn’t want to talk about food? I LOVE FOOD!


Bacon, blueberries, whole grain pasta, oh MY! Sorry, I’m back.

When I’m not drooling over a smorgasbord, I also enjoy working out but I get wicked bored wicked fast. So, I mix it up. Running, crossfit, yoga, I like to try anything at least once. Sometimes it sticks, sometimes I move on to the next big thing.

Me doing accomplished pose during Restorative Yoga.

When I’m not blogging about food, fitness, fashion or life in general, I’m teaching. Middle school. Special education. I promise I’m not insane. I love my job.


 No, I really do love my job, but I do have a creative outlet. I love to design jewelry and paint. So much so, that I have an Etsy shop! Yeah buddy. Feel free to view, like, share, rinse, repeat.

Check it out here: JustaGirlinaShop

So this is my first official post on the new and improved blog. I can’t wait to get started sharing the awesome and really connecting with all my followers! Deuces for now!

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