Recipe of the Month – Change Your Fate Jam Biscuits

Last night I was watching one of my favorite Pixar films, Brave. Being of Scottish descent and a ginger, that movie is basically a biography of my life. (Or my dreams).

Anyway, I was feeling inspired to try making the famous sweet biscuits Merida’s brothers keeping sneaking off with. After a couple of epic fails, I think I finally nailed it…


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The 4 Essential Makeup Products

Makeup companies really know how to get you. The shiny packaging, colorful arrays, and sparkling signage just scream, “take my money!” While I can definitely be drawn in by the beauty of the makeup counters, I really don’t need or ever use all of it.


There are only 4 makeup products that I will never go without. Like, never, EVER.

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Waste Not, Want Not – DIY T-Shirt Art

I love Pinterest. I think it may actually be the Internet’s little miracle. I found this great pin on what to do with old t-shirts and now I simply can’t stop, won’t stop. I’m also realizing that I have WAY TOO MANY t-shirts…

 (Photo cred:

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Oh Hey There…

Welcome to the revamped blog. All the old posts are gone. This is the new Girl in a Shop. And this bloggess is better than ever!


New logo, new shop, new me!

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