I am Runner, Hear Me Roar.

If you had asked me a year ago to exercise everyday, join a running group and complete a marathon; I probably would have unfriended you on Facebook or started a Twitter war.

Now, I have done all of those things and I want to do more.

I’m already planning for my next marathon. Somewhere. At some point. Soon. Ish.


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I’d Follow You To the End of the Runway…


Followers and fellow bloggers – I am looking to expand my WP friend base. I’d love recommendations on who I should follow. I mostly write about fashion, food and fitness, but I am open to following anyone who has talent, flair and compassion. Leave your picks in the comments below. I thank you in advance!

Recipe of the Month: Kitchen Sink Salad

Have you ever been invited to a last minute gathering and not had anything to bring? You know the end of summer potluck bbq thing where everyone is bringing these homemade casseroles or triple layer chocolate brownies and you’ve got nada. No? Never happened to you? Well fine then. Good to know you’re on top of things…imageedit_9_8222140971

I, on the other hand, was freaking out because I had no food and no time and needed something that wasn’t packaged to bring to the table. So, naturally, I called my mother.

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Conquering My Fear of Fitness


In 2014, I made 2 resolutions for the new year. One was to start a blog. Check. The other was more of a challenge. I decided I wanted to be able to run a marathon in 2015. Well, 3 weeks from now I will (hopefully) be running in my very first marathon.

I won’t lie, I am scared shitless.

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I Finally Found the Perfect Bathing Suit

It only took me 32 years. Let’s be honest, I’ve never liked bathing suits. They are tight and uncomfortable and I tend to feel like a beached whale with a camel toe. Not cute. At all. However, I’ve been working out all summer and training for my marathon, so if ever was the time to do some swimwear shopping, it was this summer while I still had curves in the “right” places. Also, I really needed a bathing suit for Block Island. An old tank and board shorts for the impteenth year in a row seemed no longer acceptable.


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What To Do With Blackened Bananas

So your bananas are looking a little (or a lot) worse for wear. Don’t throw them away just because they are slightly less than perfect. There are so many ways to use bananas that are past their prime. Below are two of my favorite food recipes and one totally out of the box use for your fruit.


(photo credit: pinterest)

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Boston Curvy Fashion Week in Review

So many events, so little weekend. What a whirlwind last weekend was! I met so many fabulous fashionistas and had such a great time that I’m not even sure where to start…


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The Curves Are Just Around the Corner!



Sandra Augustin


The Curves Are Coming! The Curves Are Coming!

July 2015, Boston Hosts Its Very FIRST Curvy Fashion Week!

Your Desired Dream Event Production Company Introduces the 1st Annual Plus Size Fashion Week in Boston


(Photo credit: Luziehtan- model/blogger in DVF dress)

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June Spotlight – Moisturize Me!

Shea Moisture. At first, I was afraid, I was petrified… to switch products. Then I read the reviews and just made the jump to all natural. Seriously, this was the best decision I’ve made all season…


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