Recipe of the Month – Banana Peanut Smoothie

I sort of made this recipe up as I went along. I had 2 leftover bananas in the fridge that I really needed to eat before it was too late.
Helpful tip of the day: you can refrigerate bananas that are starting to turn. The peels will turn brown but the bananas will stay fresh for a few more days.


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February Spotlight – Pact App

This month, I have really been trying to focus on my fitness and upping my workout game. Since I get bored easily, I went searching for ways to motivate myself. This is how I discovered the Pact App for iPhone and Android.


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The EE British Academy Film Awards

While everyone was watching the Grammys on Sunday night, this anglophile was tuned in to the BAFTAs watching with rapture as all my favorite Brits walked the red carpet.


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January Spotlight – Baby Lips

Baby it’s cold outside. Very, very cold. Unless you live somewhere warm and then I secretly hate you a little bit right now… I don’t about you, but with the 16 degree temps and the wind chill, my lips are not so luscious! So how do I conquer the cold?

With Maybelline New York’s Baby Lips Lip Balm of course!


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Recipe of the Month – Grilled Goodness

Today was my first technique class of 2015. Held at Williams-Sonoma, the technique classes are free and oh so delicious!

This week’s class was all about the basics of nonstick cookware. While I learned some really great tips about which pans are best for which foods and the differences between nonstick and non nonstick pans, I was mostly looking forward to the eating part of the lesson. I had some yummy scrambled eggs and a delectable bite of banana upside down cake. However, the main dish was just OMGosh good!

This week’s recipe is for Chicken, Mushroom, & Gruyère Grilled Sandwich.


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December Challenge – The Ultimate Ugly Holiday Sweater

This is the theme for the season. Everyone I know has already gone or is about to go to at least one ugly sweater party this month. So how can you rule the party scene without breaking the bank on a sweater that you’ll only wear once? That was the challenge I set to myself. Spend less than $25 and win the ugly sweater contest by a landslide.

uglysweater copy

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