Recipe of the Month – Homemade Trail Mix

Raise your hand if you are like me and spend your life snacking rather than eating real meals. When you snack, sometimes being healthy goes out the window.

Most of the time however, healthy snacking is easy as pie. Or in this case, trail mix.


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My Picks For Best Dressed: Emmys Edition

I love award shows. I know the focus should be on the talent – acting, writing, producing, etc. But let’s be honest, we all tune in (at least initially) to see what people are wearing. 2016 most certainly didn’t disappoint.


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Splurge Vs Save

You know that feeling you get on payday where suddenly you feel like the 1% and you have money to burn? But then 4 days later, after bills have been paid and you’ve had one or two real meals, you’re back to being broke again?


Well what if I told you there was a way to look like a million bucks even when you have less than 10 dollars in your wallet?

Where there’s a will…

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How I Learned to Love Yoga

“Clear your mind. Take a deep breath.” As someone with asthma and ADD, that is terrible advice. In all the yoga classes i had tried, I was bored, easily distracted and grossed out by the musty smell of other people sweating profusely within arms length of me.

photo cred:

Nope. Yoga was not for me. Or so I thought…

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My Back To School Must Haves

It’s that time of year again. The kiddies are going back to class. Pumpkin Spice everything is here to bring us autumnal joy and I am cruising the aisles of Staples and Target in search of the best school supplies to get me through the semester!


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Designer Spotlight – Mieroglyphs

Mieroglyphs: noun; (my-ro-glyphs)

“Every miero is your personal hieroglyph. It’s My-roglyph.”

Why am I giving you a vocab lesson? Because I can. And also, because Mieroglyphs just happens to be the name of the fantastic company I’m featuring for my first ever designer spotlight!

eye logo
(Photo cred: Mieroglyphs – logo).

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Recipe of the Month – Change Your Fate Jam Biscuits

Last night I was watching one of my favorite Pixar films, Brave. Being of Scottish descent and a ginger, that movie is basically a biography of my life. (Or my dreams).

Anyway, I was feeling inspired to try making the famous sweet biscuits Merida’s brothers keeping sneaking off with. After a couple of epic fails, I think I finally nailed it…


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