Bra Shopping…the Bane of Every Woman’s Wardrobe

The first thing I do when I get home from literally anywhere is remove my bra. I hate bras. They are uncomfortable and expensive and dumb. Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil and after putting it off for months (more like a year) I knew it was finally time for a new one.


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Top 5 Excuses To Not Be Healthy

How many of you have ever said “I’m too tired, too bored, too injured”, to get healthy?
That’s so weird. Me too!

Let me preface by saying I have ZERO medical or health and wellness training. I am simply writing about my experiences and my excuses and what has worked for me to get off my couch and put down the Red Vines.

Hopefully, some or all of this helps you too.


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Recipe of the Month – Apple Tarts à La Mode

There is so much to be thankful for this year our families, friends, food on our tables and the Gilmore Girls. I am very thankful for the Gilmore Girls. On November 25th, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be premiering on Netflix. So in honor of both holidays (and yes, a Gilmore Girls marathon is a holiday), I decided to make the Apple Tarts from Kristi Carlson’s cookbook, Eat Like a Gilmore

Don’t fill up too much on turkey because these tarts would be a perfect dessert for the Thanksgiving table.

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DIY Shoelace Bracelets

Have you ever looked around and wondered what to do with all the leftover shoelaces you have just laying about? No? Just me then. That’s cool, whatever.

Well, if you do happen upon a pair of shoelaces that you aren’t sure what to do with, I have a great idea. These bracelets are colorful, fun and easy to make.

Just be sure to wash the laces first.


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A Tailor, A Cobbler, and a Girl on a Budget

All three walk into a bar…KIDDING!

No but seriously, there are 2 people every fashionista should have in their lives. When your heart screams Dior but your wallet says Don’t, a tailor and a shoe cobbler may just be your fairy godmothers…

Image result for fashion fairy godmother
(Photo credit: Phillip Light via Pinterest)

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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

There is still time to get your spooky on. Halloween may be on a Monday this year, (LAME) but that doesn’t mean the parties or trick or treating has to end early!

If your excuse is that you have no costume, then you are in luck. I’ve scoured Pinterest and used my own experience and creativity to come up with 5 in a pinch costumes for any occasion.

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Patty Melts and Plaid Shirts

“Luke: What can I get you Kirk?
Kirk: Patty melt and a coke.
Luke: You want the melt cut into squares or stars today?
Kirk: Half and half.”

Luke’s Diner. A Stars Hollow staple. Where else could you go to get bottomless mugs of coffee, hot fries and enough cynicism to last all day? (Great, now I want fries).

I got the chance to experiment with Luke’s famous Patty Melt. Just in time for the release of world-class chef, Kristi Carlson’s new cookbook, Eat Like a Gilmorethis sandwich is just one of many mouthwatering recipes…

(Photo Credit: Bonnie Matthews)

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